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• Why ReRe4Fun?
1. STABILITY - Since we moved to the new dedicated server (6 months ago), we got 100% uptime (not even 99,98% or 99,99%). Our server is located in Germany and enjoying an internet connection of 1 000 MB/s Upload and Download.
2. STRONG FILES - We user just Premium Files, the company provide us the last updates and ReRe4Fun Team works together with the codders, anything is possible with us.
3. LONG TERM SERVER - Since 1st January 2017 a new team start to take care of ReRe4Fun, to continue the work of the old team, together, ReRe4Fun started his history from 2005, and today is ready to play!
4. PLAY2WIN SERVER - We don`````'t use webshop like 99% of the others servers, we don`'t offer full items, want to be the best with the best gear? Than PLAY and WORK for your status and gears. You must play for everything. For experience increase we provide just pets and rings, and the maximum experience increase is 20%, we don't do like the other basic servers to triple the experience with seals, pets, rings... For our CashShop curency you need to play also, make events, stay online, anyway, you still need to play if you want to be rich and the best.
5. PROJECT SERVER - ReRe4Fun is a huge name with reputation and history. ReRe4Fun is the server where many players learned how to play MuOnline since the server version was 97d. We don't refresh server reputation by changing server name or open a new server monthly. We are here, strong, withgood stuff for our players.
6. SUPPORT - We provide support as soon as posible, to any request about our server and about how to have a strong and secure connection with our server.
7. UNIQUE SERVER CONFIGURATION - We chose to be unique, we chose to don't steal ideas from another servers, we chose our ideas. We got new Chaos Mix Combinations for Wings Level 4 and Wings Level 5, when we say UNIQUE, we don``'t speack bullshits. We don`'t use fake Online players number, we play fair!
Currently this is only one server.